Why I Love the OP!!

… And I mean the Olympic Peninsula, not the Ocean Pacific, which I love as well, but Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is my home-away-from-home and it speaks to my heart the way no other place that I’ve been to does other than my Colorado home, and Mackinac Island of course. Water and Woods! My favorite!! I’ve been blessed to be able to spend the spring up north, and I’m so grateful. Here’s just some of why I love the OP…

This is a photograph of a spring Tulip bed in Port Angeles WashingtonThere are Tulips everywhere…

This is a picture of a purple flower… and lots of other pretty flowers

Skunk Cabbage, PAxcfEven the things that don’t smell good are pretty, ie. this Skunk Cabbage

This is a picture of a view from a bridge of the Elwha River, Clallam County, WAThis is a bridge view of the Elwha River in Clallam County, WA

This is a gate made out of branchesIsn’t this fabulous?

magical road, PAI want this to be my driveway…

This is a picture of Freshwater Bay Beach in Clallam County, Washington State… and this to be my view!

More to Come!




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