Cooking Acorn Squash

Cooking Acorn Squash: How to Cut and Cook an Acorn Squash

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Cutting winter squash isn’t like cutting through a tomato with a Ginsu Knife, but a few tricks will make the task safe, quick, and easy.

  1. Always clean the squash, even if you’re not eating the skin. Whatever is on the outside of the squash can end up on the inside as the knife passes through the flesh.
  2. Use a good serrated knife or make sure your chef’s knife or cleaver is sharp. Pushing through the squash with a dull knife is much more dangerous than using less pressure with a sharp knife.
  3. With one hand, securely hold the squash on the cutting board and carefully cut through the skin of the squash to start your cut. Then apply more pressure as you move through the flesh, cutting the squash in half, end to end. If the squash is too firm to cut with this method, use the tip of a chef’s knife to start your cut.

Picture of scooping out the seeds in an acorn squash

4.  Scoop out the seeds.

Picture of a half an acorn squash with the seeds scooped out of it.

5. If you’re baking the two halves of the squash, now’s the time to season before baking. I like to brush the inside with veggie or mushroom broth and then season with Himalayan sea salt and some ground pepper or cayenne pepper. You can also use olive oil, or use cinnamon or maple syrup for a sweeter preparation.

6. Bake squash halves, stuffed or not in a 400 degree oven for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

A cut up acorn squash

6. Cut the squash into slices if you’re making a recipe like Sweet & Spicy Acorn Squash.

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