Bucket List – River Rafting

Bucket List – River Rafting the Rio Chama

I’m fifty-one years old and I’d never been river rafting, unless of course you count floating down the salt river on an inner tube when I was a teenager. I don’t, and river rafting was on my bucket list, so I jumped at the chance to join a group of river rafters on a three day, 30 mile trek down the Rio Chama in New Mexico.

The Rio Chama flows through an ever-changing landscape that weaves itself into Chama Canyon and out into the high dessert. The river winds past hot springs, ranches, public lands, the Christ in the Desert Monastery, and has up to class three rapids. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, I took many words worth of pics, and posted a few here…

River raft ready for the Rio Chama.

Here’s the raft I floated on all packed and ready to launch. With Captain Dan at the helm, it was the only boat in our group that had passengers. He called me to the oars a couple of times, which did not go all that well. Rowing a river raft is hard!

A variety of different kinds of boats on the Rio Chama RiverWe had a menagerie of boats in our group of eight: 1 river raft, 2 duckies (inflatable canoes), 1 kayak, 2 cats (pontoons with racks on the top)

Bucket List - Mud CreaturesLook closely… can you see the Mud Creatures?

Little boys covered in mud on the Rio Chama in New MexicoThere they are 🙂

A family of ducks on the Rio Chama in New MexicoRio Chama Residents

Pic of a baby rattlesnake under a log Another Rio Chama resident that was discovered in the morning under a log at the campsite where we stayed our second night.

Closeup of a baby rattlesnake under a log by the Rio Chama River in New Mexico

Meet Chama the Rattlesnake… just a baby.

Lots of Pretty Things…

Slide Show 🙂

Author Cynthia Lee Cartier standing above the Rio Chama River

Standing above the river at our Saturday night campsite that we shared (unbeknownst to us until morning) with Chama the baby rattlesnake.

Bucket List River Trip - Dan's Crew Front View

Our Motley Crew

View of Class Three Rapid on the Rio Chama River in New Mexico

Class Three Rapids

Pic of the Christ in the Desert Monastery Chapel

Christ in the Desert Monastery Chapel

4 River Rafters on the Rio Chama

Synchronized Rafting 🙂

View of rafters going down the Rio Chama in New Mexico

Our group floating into the canyon.

Kayaking group on the Rio Chama in New Mexico

For most of the trip we were the only group in site, but there were approximately 50 rafters on the river, including this group of kayakers.

The many faces of the Rio Chama.

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