About me and this blog…

I’ve been writing stories since I was a child and that passion has stayed with me throughout my life, as have my rambling desires to engage in anything that requires creativity. This blog is about such things and a hodgepodge of more.

Although storytelling is my strongest creative passion, I also love home and garden design, collecting, animals, nature, food, travel, photography, my family and friends, and life in general, which all take up space in my doings and dreams on a daily basis and find their way into my writing.

Creating a cozy, comfortable home that is pulled together with little money and buckets of creativity is one of my favorite past-times. If that home is surrounded by a pretty garden, even better. I love rich garden soil and getting my hands in it, and then watching something sprout up from the ground that I planted and ultimately being sustained by its bounty.

Cooking and eating plant-based, whole foods, and making them taste as delicious as possible is frequently a highlight in my day. I had a food blog once that some of you might have followed; all of those recipes and more will find their way here. I’ll share my culinary creations and the creations of others via links to other bloggers that inspire me, and I’ll tell you about my favorite eateries that you can visit when you’re in their neighborhoods.

I think animals, children, and nature put things into a proper perspective and they’re my favorite living things. I love grown people too, especially the silly and unique variety, with big laughs and/or curious, wandering minds that help me to see the world in a brighter, more interesting way.

Animals, people, natural beauty, treasure hunting, and of course food, fuel my love of travel. Learning about and connecting to people, places and things, that I would never have had the opportunity to cross paths with if not for cybertravel, is the aspect of the ‘World Wide Web’ that I appreciate the most… So please take the time to say hi if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for hanging out. I hope you find some ideas, inspiration, and joy here and leave some as well.

See you on Mainstreet,


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